Message from Director

Immigration to Canada and Australia is the process by which people migrate to Canada and Australia to reside there. Immigration plays a vital role in keeping Canada and Australia competitive in a global economy. It helps to offset the impacts of an aging population and low birth rate to overcome the sooner decline of Canadian and Australian labor force. In fact, immigration will soon account for all net labor force growth as the number of retirements outpaces the number of Canadian and Australian youth joining the labor market. The reasons to migrate in Canada and Australia are successful migration with full family, free education and medicals, migration possible for skilled workers as well as investors, many opportunities in the information technology sector for software professionals, entitlement to government welfare benefits, the best country to live in the world. It is the best and excellent opportunity for Nepalese people to migrate and settle their life in Canada and Australia. Rosemary Legal Consultancy will definitely help to fulfill your dreams by providing free information and counselling to get permanent residency in Canada and Australia. Come and join us.

Ram Awtar Chaudhary
Managing Director
Toronto, Canada
Dip. Mgmt (Aus), MPA(Aus), MSc (Nepal)